MineralZ Plus
Natural, safe soil enrichment for vastly improved growth, healthier plants, pH balance, organic activation and more...
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Super Sulphur Plus™ is our flagship product and the standard for excellence in organic fertilizers/supplements.

See the Farm, Dairy, Ranch, Forestry, Garden and HazMat sections of the site for more information about the wide variety of benefits you'll get from using Super Sulphur Plus™
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All of the minerals and elements you'll find in Super Sulphur Plus™ come directly out of the ground at a single excavation site in Nevada where they occur together natually in layers.

Super Sulphur Plus™ is not chemically combined or manufactured like inorganic commercial fertilizers and supplements.

Why pay up to $700.00/ton for individual soil supplements (like elemental sulphur, Potash, Gypsum, etc.) when you can get Super Sulphur Plus™ at the source for a fraction of the cost, year-round?
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