MineralZ Plus
Watershed protection through natural soil enrichment, erosion prevention and waste mitigation aids vital reforestation
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Super Sulphur Plus™ can be used safely and liberally in nearly any environment to mitigate, reclaim or protect valuable natural resources.

Forests are particularly sensitive and complex ecosystems that can benefit enormously from the use of Super Sulphur Plus™. Hundreds of public and private woodlands projects would benefit directly by using it in their methodology.
  • Watershed Enhancement:
    Applied to abandoned or closed roads, tracks or trails, Super Sulphur Plus™ accelerates the growth of protective grasses and understory plant life, envigorates the biomass and balances the pH.
  • Raparian Zones:
    Super Sulphur Plus™ eliminates algal blooms while clarifying and oxygenating the water.
  • Wetlands:
    As with Raparian Zones, Super Sulphur Plus™ will reduce algae concentrations, clarify and oxygenate standing water in wetland preserves.
  • Leased Grazing Land/Animal Waste Mitigation:
    Super Sulphur Plus™ sterilizes and transforms any animal manure into highly beneficial, natural fertilizer and - at the same time - suppresses the insect infestations and contaminants associated with it.
  • Erosion Prevention:
    Treating bare soil banks with Super Sulphur Plus™ allows the root systems of the stabilizing vegetation to establish rapidly and permanently.
  • Oil Spill Contamination:
    The microscopic Thiobacillus in Super Sulphur Plus™ actually breaks down and consumes petroleum land spills, preventing them from contaminating or saturating the soil.
  • Tree Farms/Reforestation:
    As with any growing crop, Super Sulphur Plus™ gives seedlings a much higher chance of survival by enhancing their root structure and nutrient availability.
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All of the minerals and elements you'll find in Super Sulphur Plus™ come directly out of the ground at a single excavation site in Nevada where they occur together natually in layers.

Super Sulphur Plus™ is not chemically combined or manufactured like inorganic commercial fertilizers and supplements.

Why pay up to $700.00/ton for individual soil supplements (like elemental sulphur, Potash, Gypsum, etc.) when you can get Super Sulphur Plus™ at the source for a fraction of the cost, year-round?
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