MineralZ Plus
Organic farming using natural minerals and bacteria for soil pH balance and vastly improved crop growth using less water
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No matter how big or small your farm/orchard is, Super Sulphur Plus™ can improve your production dramatically and natually - with just a single application - for everthing you grow.

Guaranteed to immediately reduce soil pH upon application, and continue pH reduction for up to two years, Super Sulphur Plus™ also contains major, macro, and micro elements that make it more than just an acidifier.

It is standard milled to a fine to 1/8 inch minus particle size that spreads easily using standard fertilizer spreaders. It is also available in a screened, 200 mesh size that is water soluble for liquid application.

Wieght: approximately 63 pounds per cubic foot.
The pH is between 2.25 and 3.25.

The basic components of Super Sulphur Plus™ are: Sulfur, Gypsum, Potassium, Aluminum, Micro-nutrients and Thiobacillus* [see a detailed mineral and biological analysis in the Specs Section].

Farmers for hundreds of years have known about the benefits of simple Potash (potassium aluminum sulphate) and Lime (calcium) when added to soil. What they did not know until recently is the true science of natural soil stewardship and the importance of sulphur combined with Thiobacillus bacteria.

For instance, Lime may occur naturally in soil but requires addition of sulfuric acid (which occurs naturally with Super Sulphur Plus™) for its agricultural benefits to be realized. Gypsum is also used to supply calcium for plant nutrition - a compound that is already present in Super Sulphur Plus™.

Inorganic fertilizers sometimes do not replace trace mineral elements in the soil which become gradually depleted by crops grown there. This has been linked to studies which have shown a marked fall (up to 75%) in the quantities of such minerals present in fruit and vegetables.

Super Sulphur Plus™ not only replaces all the micro-nutrients that crops need, it actually improves the entire biomass.

In other words, using Super Sulphur Plus™ accomplishes four major farming objectives at once:
  • Creates a stronger, healthier and nutritious crop
  • Lowers the pH to allow root nodules to accept full nutrient and water value
  • Repleneshes the soil mineral content and anaerobic biomass.
  • Prevents excess phosphates from reaching the water aquifer
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All of the minerals and elements you'll find in Super Sulphur Plus™ come directly out of the ground at a single excavation site in Nevada where they occur together natually in layers.

Super Sulphur Plus™ is not chemically combined or manufactured like inorganic commercial fertilizers and supplements.

Why pay up to $700.00/ton for individual soil supplements (like elemental sulphur, Potash, Gypsum, etc.) when you can get Super Sulphur Plus™ at the source for a fraction of the cost, year-round?
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