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Natural sulphur minerals and bacteria applied to dairy manure and compost is a safe, organic method to suppress smell and recycle valuable nutrients to the soil.
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Super Sulphur Plus™ (1) eliminates odor, (2) disinfects and (3) processes any animal waste into beneficial fertilizer quickly and natually.

Odor comes from two sources: (1) ammonia NH3 vapor from uric acid/manure decomposition and (2) algae stench in lagoons, ponds or standing water.

When the manure is treated with Super Sulphur Plus™, it lowers the pH of the manure and reacts with the ammonia NH3 changing it to the ammonium ion (NH4)+ which reacts with sulfate ions to form solid ammonium sulfate (NH4)2SO4, a water soluble fertilizer.

Odor is greatly reduced and fertilizer is stabilized for use.

Pathogens can be transmitted through manure, which consists of excreta (feces and urine), bedding, secretions from the nose, throat, blood etc. Microbes from these secretions and excreta can accumulate on barn floors, holding pens, corrals, etc.

These pathogens may infect other animals or humans. Many bacteria cannot grow at neutral or acidic pH, but thrives in manure above 8.5. Often, manure ranges between 8-9. Adding Super Sulphur Plus™ to the manure reduces the pH to the 5-6 range where bacteria, Bacillus pasteurii, cannot grow.

The alum in Super Sulphur Plus™ also reduces the beetle, fly and small insect population associated with manure and prevents propagation.

Ponds can be high in suspended solids, contain algae and have an alkaline pH making it difficult to reuse.

When lagoons (or any water impounds) are treated with Super Sulphur Plus™, it removes the food source (phosphorus P) from the water column and the algae cannot grow.

The phosphorus reacts with the aluminum in Super Sulphur Plus™ to form an insoluble aluminum phosphate (AlPO4) which falls to the bottom of the lagoon as a solid.

It has long been known that small lakes and ponds can be treated with dry alum, gypsum, lime and hay. But each material had to be purchased and blended, making it a tedious process.

Super Sulphur Plus™ already contains alum and gypsum and, because of the buffering condition it has, lime is not needed. All you need is Super Sulphur Plus™ and hay.

Where water flows constantly, regular treatment will be required. In ponds or lakes that are static, one treatment could last for several years. This pond nutrient inactivation treatment reduces algal numbers and clarifies the water quickly.

In deeper lakes, the oxygenated water depth increases, making a larger volume of water suitable for fish. Water treated with Super Sulphur Plus™ is vastly improved and becomes available for recycling into irrigation systems for maximum benefit.

When manure is spread as a fertilizer, soluble phosphorus run off is an environmental problem when it enters the nearby local streams and rivers. Super Sulphur Plus™ locks-up the soluble phosphorus and heavy metals before it arrives in public waterways, greatly minimizing contaminent run off.

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All of the minerals and elements you'll find in Super Sulphur Plus™ come directly out of the ground at a single excavation site in Nevada where they occur together natually in layers.

Super Sulphur Plus™ is not chemically combined or manufactured like inorganic commercial fertilizers and supplements.

Why pay up to $700.00/ton for individual soil supplements (like elemental sulphur, Potash, Gypsum, etc.) when you can get Super Sulphur Plus™ at the source for a fraction of the cost, year-round?
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